Summer Research Application


Paid research internships for high school and college students available for summer 2023!

Help invent scalable, bio-inspired technology to separate and eliminate microplastics from water

Selectees will be part of a continuing mentorship and professional development network extending through the 2023/2024 academic year


Program Goals:

  • Support student achievement in STEM and enhance participation of under-represented students
  • Create a vibrant mentoring and role model network
  • Gain knowledge on effective recruitment and mentoring practices

Summer Compensation 

  • $3,000 for high school students
  • $5,000 for undergraduate students
  • Each participant is eligible for up to $500 for approved travel expenses (i.e., mileage) and $240 to purchase food (i.e., lunch) on campus


March 31st Application deadline
April 3rd - April 10th Application Review
April 11th-April 13th Video Conference interviews with selected applicants
April 14th Decisions Out
May 4th Employment offers accepted
June 5th Orientation and training
June 5th-July 28th Paid research experience
Academic year,


Monthly cohort experience

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How Marine Animals Could Be Used to Clean Up Nature's Big Pollutant:  Microplastics - UConn Today